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RTTRUTH & LAOJoe's 3rd Annual Mock Draft

Posted on: March 18, 2012 5:30 pm
Edited on: April 17, 2012 12:17 am
Welcome all to our third annual mock draft, a.k.a. the 2012 NFL Draft.
Participating GM's are:

Steelers: El Patron
Ravens: RavenROC
Bengals: redsfan03
Browns: Irish Dawg 42

Patriots: neilp
Bills:   LAOJoe
Dolphins: Danthe finfan

Jaguars: JaguarFan34
Titans: BluebirdTitan
Texans: Nashmeister

Broncos: Broncos#7
Chargers: nyyjones
Chiefs: leoolsons2
Raiders: devilraid316

Bears: SMcMichael_76
Vikings: Nosferatu39
Packers: sthomas086

Giants: metgiantphan
Redskins: sthomas086
Cowboys: PatsProdigy
Eagles: LAOJoe

Falcons: Torgo
Buccaneers: devilraid316
Panthers: firstchance1

Seahawks: kagezilla
Cardinals: SissyBoyFloy
49ers: thrashard340
Rams: SPress

* Moderators for this mock are myself (RTTRUTH) & LAOJoe. We are here to help if you have any questions or concerns, just pm one of us.

*Draft begins April 1st. I will launch the draft thread on March 30th and would appreciate everyone checking in on that thread sometime before the draft starts so we know you're with us. It will be titled the same as this blog.

*This year we will allow 2 trades per team involving players, if gm's desire. There will be no limit on trades involving draft picks. For a trade to be approved, it must be private messaged to either myself, or LAOJoe for approval, by both teams involved. The moderator will decide if the trade is believable and realistic. If it is deemed unrealistic, it will not be approved. Moderators decisions are not to be questioned out loud. You may pm a moderator quietly who has disapproved a trade of yours, and they will be willing to give you an explanation if desired. It's only fair you get an explanation. But please don't start an open debate about the credibility of a particular trade proposal. Anyone could slip once, but repeat violators may be asked to leave this mock.

*All remaining real life free agents will stay free agents, they belong to no one, unless during the mock a real life team signs them, in which case they become property of that team in this mock as well. Any free agent who was signed this offseason or who resigned with his team in 2011, or was traded for is not available for trade, since teams don't ever do stuff like that.

*Please be here for your picks. Each pick will be assigned a one hour timeslot for rounds 1&2, then rounds 3-7 will have half hour timeslots for each pick. I am giving time slots well ahead of time, so this should be a no-brainer. A single no-show might cost you your spot in the mock. *Leave a top 5 list with me and/or LAOJoe the night before if you can't be around for a pick. Or before work, before you go out on the town, yada yada, you get the point...we're here to keep things running smoothly, and appreciate that some of you lucky guys have lives outside of mock drafting ;)

*Whenever possible, if you are trading down from pick 15 for example, try to set up the trade with someone before 15 is on the clock. It is a pleasant convenience for the guy picking after you who might be here for a short time trying to make his pick. It does happen sometimes that your guy gets selected by the team right in front of you, and you are welcome to use your entire allotted hour to make a deal if you must. On this same note, try not to whine at or about people who aren't here yet guys, especially if their hour hasn't arrived yet. Some days we will get ahead of schedule a little. Other days we may not. It's not the end of the world. The slotted system works well as long as people don't let their impatience get the better of them.

*In the event that someone does no-show for a pick, the moderators will discuss with each other the team needs, and make a selection based on an educated guess. Obviously we don't know the team quite as well as their actual gm, but we're hoping to have zero no-shows total, in which case the issue won't come up. However, if for example the Bills gm didn't show up for pick 10 scheduled from 7pm-8pm, the Chiefs gm can officially make his pick at 8:01pm and the Bills gm cannot steal that pick away from Kansas City, as the Bills time had already expired. By the time Kansas City makes their pick, the moderators will have done some research on Buffalo, and will have a pick ready. Just for example....

*All trades made during the draft, as well as all draft selections made will be updated on this blog. So everyone please bookmark this blog for easy access to all draft developments. It is the best place to research who has already been selected.

Any other questions guys, please ask. Thanks for your participation.


Arizona receives Round 1 (#12) + 3 (#12) + 4 (#11)
Seattle receives Round 1 (#13) + 3 (#18) + 4 (#17) + 5 (#16) + 6 (#7) + 6 (#15) + 7 (#14)

Detroit receives Round 1 (#30) + 4 (#30)
San Francisco receives Round 1 (#23)

St. Louis receives Round 2 (#4) + 5 (#5)
Tampa Bay receives Round 2 (#1)

Denver receives Round 2 (#11)
Seattle receives Round 3 (#25) + 4 (#13) + 4 (#25)

Minnesota receives CB Leodis McKelvin + 5 (#12)
Buffalo receives Round 5 (#3) + 6 (#5)

Dallas receives Round 2 (#22) + 4 (#30)
Detroit receives Round 2 (#13)

Pittsburgh receives CB Asante Samuel + LB Greg Lloyd
Philadelphia receives Round 3(#24) + 6(#24)

Pittsburgh receives CB Walter Thurmond + 3 (#25)
Seattle receives DL Jason Worilds + 7 (#24)

Houston receives 2(#19)
Philadelphia receives 2(#26) + 4(#26) + 6(#26)

Cleveland receives Round 2 (#23)
Atlanta receives Round 3 (#4) + 5 (#4) + 7 (#4)

New York Giants receive Round 2 (#25)
Denver receives Round 2 (#32) + 4(32)

Buffalo receives Round 2 (#29) + 5 (#29) + 7 (#29)
Baltimore receives Round 3 (#8) + 4 (#10) + 7 (#10)

Atlanta receives 3 (#26) + 6 (#2)
Philadelphia receives 3 (#22) + 6 (#23)

Philadelphia receives Round 3 (#14) + 6 (#17)
New York Jets receive Round 3 (#24) + 5 (#18)

Philadelphia receives Round 3 (#20) + 6 (#20)
Tennessee receives Round 3 (#22) + 6 (#17)

Seattle receives Round 3 (#28) + 5 (#28)
Green Bay receives Round 3 (#18)

Seattle receives DT Kevin Williams + 4 (#3)
Minnesota receives Round 3 (#28) + 5 (#16)
Cincinnati receives Round 4 (#19) + 6 (#31)
Philadelphia receives Round 4 (#21) + 6 (#21)

Atlanta receives Round 3 (#23)
Detroit receives Round 3 (#26) + 7 (#22)

Jacksonville receives Round 3 (#23) + 7 (#4)
Atlanta receives Round 4 (#6) + 5 (#7) + 7 (#21)

Miami receives Round 3 (#24)
N.Y. Jets receive Round 4 (#8) + 7 (#8)

N.Y. Giants receives Round 4 (#21) + 4 (#26)
Philadelphia receives Round 3 (#32) + 6 (#32)

Buffalo receives Round 4 (#5)
Cleveland receives Round 4 (#29) + 5 (#9) + 7 (#29)

N.Y. Jets receive Round 4 (#16)
Chicago receives Round 5 (#18) + 7 (#8) + WR Eron Riley

Buffalo receives Round 4 (#14)
Washington receives Round 5 (#3) + 5 (#29)

Buffalo receives Round 4 (#25)
Seattle receives Round 6 (#5) + 6 (#8)

Kansas City receives QB Jimmy Claussen
Carolina receives Round 6 (#12)

Miami receives Round 5 (#8)
Carolina receives DT Tony McDaniel + 5 (#10)

Minnesota receives Round 6 (#11) + 6 (#15)
Seattle receives Round 5 (#12)     

Indianapolis receives WR Louis Murphy
Oakland receives Round 7 (#1)  

Philadelphia receives Round 5 (#28)
Seattle receives Round 6 (#20) + 6 (#32)

Seattle receives Round 6 (#11)
Minnesota receives Round 6 (#32) + 7(#14) + 7(#24)

DRAFT ORDER (timeslots)


1. Indianapolis- Andrew Luck, QB, STAN
2. Washington- Robert Griffin III, QB, BAY
3. Minnesota-  Matt Kalil, OT, USC
4. Cleveland- Trent Richardson, RB, ALA
5. Tampa Bay- Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU
6. St. Louis-  Justin Blackmon, WR, OKST
7. Jacksonville- Michael Floyd, WR, ND
8. Miami -   Melvin Ingram, OLB, SCAR
9. Carolina- Quinton Coples, DE, UNC
10. Buffalo- Riley Reiff, OT, IOWA
11. Kansas City- David DeCastro, G, STAN
12. Arizona- Courtney Upshaw, OLB, ALA
13. Seattle-  Luke Kuechly, LB, BC
14. Dallas - Mark Barron, S, ALA
15. Philadelphia- Fletcher Cox, DT, MISST
16. N.Y. Jets- Whitney Mercilus, OLB, ILL
17. Cincinnati- Janoris Jenkins, CB, NALA
18. San Diego- Stephon Gilmore, CB, SCAR
19. Chicago- Cordy Glenn, G, UGA
20. Tennessee- Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, ALA
21. Cincinnati- Jonathan Martin, OT, STAN
22. Cleveland- Kendall Wright, WR, BAY
23. San Francisco- Peter Konz, C, WIS
24. Pittsburgh- Michael Brockers, 5T, LSU
25. Denver - Dontari Poe, DT, MEM
26. Houston- Donta Hightower, LB, ALA
27. New England- Nick Perry, OLB, USC
28. Green Bay- Andre Branch, OLB, CLEM
29. Baltimore- Rueben Randle, WR, LSU
30. Detroit - Mike Adams, OT, OHST
31. New England- Devon Still, DL, PSU
32. N.Y. Giants- Coby Fleener, TE, STAN


1. Tampa Bay- Kendall Reyes, DT, UCT
2. Indianapolis- Alfonzo Dennard, CB, NEB
3. Minnesota- Stephen Hill, WR, GT
4. St. Louis - Zach Brown, OLB, UNC
5. Cleveland- Bobby Massie, OT, MISS
6. Jacksonville- Vinny Curry, DE, MRSH
7. St. Louis - David Wilson, RB, VT
8. Carolina- Alshon Jeffery, WR, SCAR
9. Buffalo - Ryan Tannehill, QB, TXAM
10. Miami - Harrison Smith, S, ND
11. Denver- Jerel Worthy, DT, MCHST
12. Kansas City- Lamar Miller, RB, MIA
13. Detroit- Lavonte David, OLB, NEB
14. Philadelphia-Mychal Kendricks, LB, CAL
15. N.Y. Jets- Ronnell Lewis, LB, OKLA
16. New England- Kevin Zeitler, G, WIS
17. San Diego- Amini Silatolu, G, MWST
18. Chicago - Tommy Streeter, WR, MIA
19. Houston- Jared Crick, DE, NEB
20. Tennessee- Shea McClellin, OLB, BOIS
21. Cincinnati- Mohamed Sanu, WR, RUT
22. Dallas - Dwayne Allen, TE, CLEM
23. Cleveland - Bobby Wagner, OLB, UTST
24. Pittsburgh- Zebrie Sanders, OT, FSU
25. N.Y. Giants - Doug Martin, RB, BOIS
26. Philadelphia- Kelechi Osemele, G, IAST
27. New Orleans-
28. Green Bay- Lamichael James, RB, ORE
29. Buffalo- Brandon Thompson, DT, CLEM
30. San Francisco- Josh Robinson, CB, UCF
31. New England- Brian Quick, WR, APPST.
32. Denver - Chandler Jones, DE, SYR


1. Indianapolis- Josh Chapman, NT, ALA
2. St.Louis -Alameda Ta'amu, NT, WSH
3. Minnesota- Jayron Hosley, CB, VTCH
4. Atlanta - Orson Charles, TE, UGA
5. Tampa Bay- Philip Blake, C, BAY
6. Washington- Mitchell Schwartz, OT, CAL
7. Jacksonville- George Iloka, S, BOIS
8. Baltimore- Ben Jones, C, UGA
9. Miami - Marvin McNutt, WR, IOWA
10. Miami- Jake Bequette, OLB, ARK
11. Kansas City- Markelle Martin, S, OKLA
12. Arizona - Jeff Allen, OT, ILL
13. Houston- Nick Toon, WR, WISC
14. Philadelphia- Trumaine Johnson, CB/S, MT
15. Oakland-
16. San Diego- Bruce Irvin, OLB, WV
17. Chicago- Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT/NT, BAY
18. Green Bay- Brock Osweiler, QB, ARZST
19. Dallas - Jamell Fleming, CB, OKLA
20. Philadelphia- Nate Potter, OT, BOIS
21. Cincinnati - Isaiah Pead, RB, CIN
22. Tennessee- Michael Brewster, C, OHST
23. Jacksonville- A.J. Jenkins, WR, ILL
24. Miami  - Tony Bergstrom, G, UTAH
25. Pittsburgh- Brandon Brooks, G, MIA(OH)
26. Detroit - Josh Norman, CB, CSCAR
27. New Orleans- Derek Wolfe, DT, CIN
28. Minnesota- Nigel Bradham, LB, FLAST
29. Baltimore - Josh Kaddu, LB, ORE
30. San Francisco- Juron Criner, WR, ARZ
31. New England- Chase Minnifield, CB, UVA
32. Philadelphia- Kirk Cousins, QB, MCHST
33. Oakland- Tank Carder, LB, TCU


1. St. Louis - Brandon Boykin, CB, UGA
2. Indianapolis- Ryan Broyles, WR, OKLA
3. Seattle - Brandon Washington, OG, MIA
4. Houston- Jarius Wright, WR, ARK
5. Buffalo- Casey Hayward, CB, VAN
6. Atlanta - Russell Wilson, QB, WIS
7. Washington- Brandon Taylor, S, LSU
8. N.Y. Jets - Mike Martin, DT, MICH
9. Carolina- Brandon Mosley, OT, AUB
10. Baltimore- Billy Winn, DL, BOIS
11. Arizona- Marvin Jones, WR, CAL
12. Kansas City- Ladarius Green, TE, LALAF
13. Seattle  - Chris Polk, RB, WSH
14. Buffalo - Chris Givens, WR, WAKE
15. San Diego- Brandon Hardin, S, ORGST
16. N.Y. Jets - T.Y. Hilton, WR, FLAINT
17. Seattle-  Demario Davis, LB, ARKST
18. Dallas- James Brown, OT, TROY
19. Cincinnati- Cam Johnson, DE, UVA
20. Tennessee- Tyrone Crawford, DE, BOIS
21. N.Y. Giants- Greg Childs, WR, ARK
22. Detroit -  Bernard Pierce, RB, TEM
23. Cleveland- Brandon Weeden, QB, OKST
24. Pittsburgh-James Michael-Johnson, LB, NEV
25. Buffalo - Audie Cole, LB, NCST
26. N.Y. Giants- Antonio Allen, S, SCAR
27. New Orleans- Sean Spence, LB, MIA
28. Green Bay- Phillip Thomas, S, SYR
29. Cleveland-Jonathan Massaquoi, DE, TROY
30. Dallas - Kheeston Randall, DE, TEX
31. New England- Chris Rainey, RB, FLA
32. Denver- Robert Turbin, RB, UTST
33. Minnesota- Jaye Howard, DT, FLA
34. Oakland- Danny Trevathan, LB, KENT
35. Baltimore- Trent Robinson, FS, MCHST
36. N.Y. Giants- Andrew Datko, OT, FSU
37. Green Bay- David Molk, C, MICH
38. Green Bay- Dwight Bentley, CB, LALAF
39. Minnesota- Christian Thompson, FS, SCST
40. Dallas- Vontaze Burfict, ILB, AZST


1. Indianapolis- Ryan Steed, CB, FUR
2. Denver- Senio Kelemete, OG/OT,WAS
3. Washington- Joe Looney, OG, WAKE
4. Atlanta- Terrell Manning, LB, NCST
5. St. Louis - Matt McCants. OT, UAB
6. Washington- Michael Egnew, TE, MIZ
7. Atlanta - Aaron Henry, FS, WIS
8. Miami - Leonard Johnson, CB, IWAST
9. Cleveland- Emmanuel Acho, LB, TEX
10. Carolina- B.J. Coleman, QB, CHAT
11. Kansas City- Devier Posey, WR, OHST
12. Seattle - Omar Bolden, CB, AZST
13. Oakland- Tim Benford, WR, TENTCH
14. San Diego- Akiem Hicks, DE, REG (CAN)
15. Chicago- Winston Guy, S, KENT
16. Minnesota- Duke Ihenacho, S, SJST
17. Dallas - Asa Jackson, CB, CALPLY
18. Chicago - Blake Gideon, S, TEX
19. N.Y. Jets- Cyrus Gray, RB, TXAM
20. Tennessee- Marcus Forston, DT, MIA
21. Cincinnati- Keenan Robinson, LB, TEX
22. Atlanta- Tim Fugger, DE, VAN
23. Detroit  -  Lucas Nix, G, PITT 
24. Pittsburgh- Kyle Wilber, OLB, WFST
25. Cleveland- Micah Pellerin, CB, HMPT
26. Houston- Ryan Miller, OG, COL
27. New Orleans- Joe Adams, WR, ARK
28. Philadelphia- Eric Page, WR, TOL
29. Washington- Najee Goode, ILB, WVIR
30. San Francisco- Logan Harrell, DT, FRES
31. Cincinnati- Josh LeRibeus, OG, SMU
32. N.Y. Giants- Jamie Blatnick, DE, OKST
33. Oakland- James Hanna, TE, OKLA
34. Baltimore- Donald Stephenson, G, OKLA
35. Indianapolis- Trevor Guyton, DE, CAL


1. St. Louis- Malik Jackson, DE, TEN
2. Atlanta - Neiko Thorpe, S/CB, AUB
3. Washington- J.K. Schaeffer, LB, CIN
4. Tampa Bay- Travis Lewis, LB, OKLA
5. Seattle - Coryell Judie, CB, TXAM
6. Jacksonville- Chris Greenwood, CB, ALB
7. Seattle - Jerry Franklin, MLB, ARK
8. Seattle- Ryan Lindley, QB, SDST
9. New Orleans- Mike Daniels, DT, IWA
10. Carolina- Bryan Anger, P, CAL
11. Seattle - Markus Zusevics, OT, IWA   
12. Carolina- Dwight Jones, WR, UNC
13. San Diego- Tom Compton, OT, SDKA
14. Chicago- Carmen Messina, LB, NMEX
15. Minnesota- Rishard Matthews, WR, NEV
16. Dallas - Olivier Vernon, OLB, MIA
17. Tennessee- Janzen Jackson, S, MCNST
18. Denver- Monday Miles Burris, LB, SDST
19. Oakland- Hebron Fangupo, DT, BYU
20. Seattle  - Tony Dye, S, UCLA
21. Philadelphia- Evan Rodriguez, FB, TEM
22. Detroit- 
23. Philadelphia- Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU
24. Philadelphia- Ronnie Hillman, RB, SDST
25. Philadelphia- Dequan Menzie, S, ALA
26. Philadelphia- Trevin Wade, CB, ARZ
27. Miami  -  Nick Foles, QB, ARZ
28. Green Bay- Travian Robertson, DL, SCAR
29. Baltimore- Donnie Fletcher, CB, BC
30. San Francisco- Julian Miller, LB, WVIR
31. Cincinnati - Brett Roy, DE, NEV
32. Minnesota- Tydreke Powell, DT, UNC
33. N.Y. Jets- Josh Oglesby, OT, WIS
34. N.Y. Jets- Sean Cattouse, S, CAL
35. Cleveland- Justin Bethel, S, PRES
36. Cleveland- Rishaw Johnson, G, CAL (Pa)
37. Indianapolis- Quinton Saulsberry, C, MISST
38. Carolina-  George Bryan, TE, NCST


1. Oakland- Tahir Whitehead, OLB, TEM
2. St. Louis - Levy Adcock, OT/OG, OKST
3. Minnesota- Will Blackwell, OG, LSU
4. Jacksonville- Gino Gradkowski, OG, DE
5. Tampa Bay- Tauren Poole, RB, TEN
6. Washington- Louis Nzegwu, DE/OLB - WIS
7. Indianapolis- Brandon Lindsey, OLB - PIT
8. Chicago - Moe Petrus, C/OG, CT
9. Carolina- Brad Smelley, FB, ALA
10. Baltimore- Jeff Fuller, WR, TXAM
11. Kansas City- DaJohn Harris, DL, USC
12. Detroit- Tuesday Shaun Prater, CB, IWA
13. Chicago- Chris Marve, LB, VAND
14. Minnesota-Dominique Hamilton, DT, MIZZ
15. Dallas - Rokevious Watkins, G, SCAR
16. Minnesota- Keith Tandy, CB, WVIR
17. Green Bay- Cordarro Law, DE, SMISS 
18. Seattle - Junior Hemingway, WR, MICH
19. San Diego- Michael Smith, RD, UTST
20. Tennessee- Jermaine Kearse, WR, WAS
21. Atlanta - Devon Wylie, WR, FRES
22. Detroit - Braylon Broughton, DE, TCU
23. Detroit - Eddie Whitley, S, VT
24. Minnesota- Jack Crawford, DE, PSU
25. N.Y. Jets- Marcus Dowtin, LB, NAL
26. Houston - Adam Gettis, OG, IWA
27. New Orleans- Frank Alexander, DE, OKLA
28. Green Bay- Joe Long, OT, WAY
29. Cleveland- DeAngelo Tyson, DT, UGA
30. San Francisco- Brandon Bolden, RB, MISS
31. Kansas City- Matt Daniels, S, DUKE
32. N.Y. Giants- Ron Brooks, DB, LSU
33. Pittsburgh- Mike Harris, CB, FSU
34. Green Bay- T.J. Graham, WR, NCST
35. N.Y. Jets- Chad Faulcon, S, MNTST
36. Green Bay- Kaniela Tuipulotu, NT, HAW
37. N.Y. Jets - Garth Gerhart, C, AZST
38. Cleveland- Brian Linthicum, TE, MSU
39. Pittsburgh- Coty Sensabaugh, CB, CLEM
40. Cleveland- B.J. Cunningham, WR, MSU
41. Pittsburgh- Blair Walsh, K, UGA
42. Atlanta - Emil Igwenagu, FB, UMASS
43. San Diego-Wednesday Jacquies Smith, LB, MIZZ
44. Buffalo - Nick Provo, TE, SYR
45. St. Louis - Derek Dennis, OG, TEM
46. Indianapolis- Mr. Irrelevant a.k.a. Kevin Koger, TE, MICH

For the UDFA round I purposely didn't give my teams or LAOJoe's teams a timeslot. We'll just get our pick in when we come up real quick. Feel free to jump us if you're after us and can type that fast. In the UDFA round it really doesn't matter if you are late. You can just announce a pick anytime after your timeslot has past. There will be no moderator autopicks in this round.  


1  N.Y. Jets- Drew Butler, P, UGA
2  Seattle- Cory Harkey, TE, UCLA
3  Green Bay- Derek Moye, WR, PSU
4  Kansas City- Vaughn Meatoga, DT, HAW
5  Cleveland- Terrance Ganaway, RB, BAY
6  Denver -  Jordan White, WR, WMCH
7  St. Louis- Tramain Thomas, S, ARK
8  Indianapolis- Jonas Gray, RB, ND
9  San Diego- Chris Owusu, WR, STAN
10 Buffalo- Taylor Thompson, DE, SMU
11 Tennessee- Kellen Moore, QB, BOIS
12 Tampa Bay- Isaiah Frey, CB, NEV
13 Miami - 
14 Pittsburgh- Deangelo Peterson, TE, LSU
15 N.Y. Giants- Dan Di Lella, QB, ALB
16 Houston - William Vlachos, C, ALA
17 Dallas -  Patrick Edwards, WR, HOU
18 Cincinnati- Eddie Pleasant, S, ORE
19 Minnesota- Charles Mitchell, S, MSST
20 Jacksonville- Case Keenum, QB, HOU
21 Detroit- Randy Bullock, K, TXAM
22 Atlanta- Austin Davis, QB, SMISS
23 Arizona- Scott Solomon, DE, RICE
24 Carolina- Adrian Robinson, LB, TEM
25 New England- Marcus Rivers, WR, BUF
26 New Orleans- J.J. Jones, CB, WYNST
27 San Francisco- Travaris Cadet, WR/RB, APPST
28 Philadelphia- Sean Richardson, S, VAND
29 Chicago- Jamarcus Hardrick, OT, NEB
30 Washington- Vick Ballard, RB, MSST
31 Baltimore - Carson Wiggs, P, PUR
32 Oakland- Edwin Baker, RB, MCHST

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