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Posted on: April 15, 2010 7:43 pm
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HOU 2011/ ATL 2010 Mock (irish dawg edition)

                            ATLANTA DRAFT 2010

1ST : OLB Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri)- this kid is one of the most intelligent, aggressive, and football smart linebackers in this draft.....and also arguably the best pass defending OLB in this draft class. Atlanta's top 2 needs in this draft were DE and OLB and we ran up to the podium with this pick.....set a record for least time to announce a pick...LOL...

2ND : traded to KC last year for TE Tony Gonzalez

3RD : TE Rob Gronkowski (Arizona)- we have Tony Gonzalez but he's 33 and we're not sure how much longer he will play. The minute this kid slid into the 3rd round I began trying to trade up to get him. He is tall, is a respectable blocker, and has great hands, as well as solid character. We figure he learns behind Tony Gonzalez this year while getting his feet wet, and when TG retires he'll be ready to step in and be the security blanket we want our franchise QB to have.

3RD : DE Brandon Lang (Troy)- Troy has a history of great DE prospects including Osi U, and Demarcus Ware in recent years. Lang brings great effort, lines up on the left side, which is perfect to pair him with RE John Abraham who would be ecstatic to finally have some help. He has a variety of pass rush moves in his repetoire, and great character in the locker room. He was a great find with our compensatory 3rd.

4TH : DE Greg Hardy (Mississippi)- Some will say he has character issues, and there's no denying that. But if you look up his statistics from college it is clear he has the ability to take over games on the line. We have a good coaching staff to help bring him along slowly, and the talent in front of him to let him play spot duty for the first couple seasons. If we can keep his head in the game, he will be called an absolute steal 3 or 4 seasons from now as a 4th round selection. P.S. I traded back twice gaining two extra picks (6th/7th) before making this selection....which adds value to the pick I believe.

5TH : WR Jeremy Williams (Tulane)- Considering this was a compensatory pick IMO it was the biggest steal we made in the entire draft. I have seen this kid play, his speed has him graded much lower than I believe he deserves. He has some of the surest hands of any receiver coming out this year, and Atlanta doesn't have a huge need for immediate assistance at this spot. We can bring him along slowly as he is mostly injury insurance for the first season or two.......but I believe he's capable of contributing right away if he has to. IMO there are at least 8 receivers graded ahead of this kid who won't live up to him at the next level. I love this pick.

6TH : CB Alterraun Verner (UCLA)- Atlanta has their first 4 spots filled at CB with Robinson, Owens, Grimes, and Brian Williams. But in the league we play in now you cannot have too many corners. Also injuries do happen so a depth corner was absolutely a must somewhere. This kid is shorter than you'd love, but he has natural ball skills, is durable, and has displayed leadership qualities throughout his college career. Again I see him as a moderate steal where we found him. Easily worth a 5th.

7TH : SS Kyle McCarthy (Notre Dame)- This kid is intelligent, has underrated ball skills (5picks his senior year), and is a reliable tackler to boot. He also appears to be one of those players who plays his best ball in the bigger games which is always a plus. He brings natural leadership to the locker room and as a 7th round selection we couldn't be happier with him landing in our lap. We actually need depth at FS and we think enough of this SS's ball skills and intelligence to draft him for that position without hesitation. Any doubt, just read up on him. Steal!!

7th : OLB Kavell Conner (Clemson)- As mentioned earlier our two biggest concerns were OLB and DE coming into this draft. We got two DE's in the 3rd and 4th round, an immediate starter at OLB in the first round with Weatherspoon, but wanted some insurance in the LB corps. From everything I've read on this kid and seen personally, he doesn't wow in any one particular area, but has always been durable, is a reliable tackler, and still has room to improve. A fairly solid move for us in the 7th round.

7th : C Joe Hawley (UNLV)-  Our C Todd McClure has been our most reliable Oline guy over the last 9 or 10 years, but he is 33 and we need to look forward even though he has 3 years left on his deal. Hawley has long arms, the versatility to play anywhere in the interior of the line, and he flashes nastiness when he plays. He fits the Falcons "come straight through you" mentality perfectly regarding the ground game, and is an extremely hard worker. One of my favorite picks right here......

UDFA : G/T Dace Richardson (Iowa)- So we know this kid has been a little injury prone, but he has played every position except center and is a solid technician at his craft. If he had been healthy throughout his college career he would have been easily a mid round pick. Has plenty of potential and stayed healthy all of 2009. We hope the trend continues.

                                 HOUSTON DRAFT 2011

1st : CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)- One of the legitimate top 10 caliber cornerbacks in this draft. While Houston hasn't given up on last years first rounder Kareem Jackson, a quality starting cornerback is a necessity this offseason. Amukamara has the cover skills to line up day 1 at either left or right CB.

2nd : FS Rahim Moore (UCLA)- After fielding one of the worst secondaries in the league in 2010, spending the top 2 picks of 2011 on defensive backs is not at all a stretch of the imagination. Moore is a high character ballhawk who will increase the big play potential of the secondary. He takes the game seriously and will start from day 1.

3rd : OLB Sam Acho (Texas)- He boasts legitimate tackling ability, and possesses the character and agility to develop into a dangerous passrusher in a year or two. Will help get after the quarterback early, at least in spot duty. Will benefit greatly learning from guys like Brian Cushing, Mario Williams, and Demeco Ryans.

4th : NT Jerrell Powe (Ole Miss)- Prototypical nose tackle size and strength. Motor is not always running and Wade Phillips will have to find a way to make sure he gives his all on every down. Should develop into an elite lane-plugger in the run game and help install the new 3-4 in Houston.

5th : OLB Cliff Matthews (South Carolina)- Developmental rusher with good agility and a quick first step. Will take time to adjust but has good upside. Can't have enough rushers in the 3-4, or anywhere in todays NFL for that matter. Barring injuries will see very limited snaps in 2011.

6th : OC Jake Kirkpatrick (TCU)- Was very under-rated at TCU and stayed under the radar. Played a big role in their devlopment along with Dalton and was the anchor on an O-line that improved every year he played. Will provide quality interior depth in case of emergency. Should hit the weight room his first year and possibly start in his second.

7th : DE/5T Brandon Bair (Oregon)- Owns his own car dealership. High character and brings his lunchpail to work. Will make plays on effort alone. Will start as a depth 5-tech and develop over time. Possesses the intangibles to eventually start in this league.

7th : P Ryan Donahue (Iowa)- Punter of the future in Houston. Was considered 1a and 1b between him and FLA's Chas Henry until Donahue won me over with his calm under pressure during a botched snap in the senior bowl. Thought to run fake a would-be tackler, run sideways and rugby kick the ball just to save the play. Was impressive. Has good hang time and comes from a school with a history of producing good specialists. 2011's Mr. Irrelevant is a small steal IMO.

UDFA : OG Garrett Chisolm (South Carolina)- Good agility and very fluid. Intriguing length (developmental OT?). Somewhat new to the game, was a walk-on at S.CAR and started the last year and a half at LG. Capable hitting targets on the second level but will need time to develop more anchor strength and refine his technique. Upside is clearly present though. Good in the classroom.

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